Kid Blog

What an interesting idea! I always thought that only adults will blog as a hobby and that is what it is- purely a recreational pass time.  I was surprised and also fascinated that a Kid blog exists as well- this blog provides teachers with the tools to help students navigate the digital and social online landscape safely. So is this the end of notebooks and an increase usage of kid blog? It is a very unique way to allow children to exercise digital citizenship whilst being in a secure, private classroom blog space. It is controlled by the teacher and allows for discussion within whole class which definitely ensures a safe way to explore the online world!

Bloom’s taxanomy and ICT

Does effective learning mean simply being able to regurgitate facts? I personally don’t think so. Effective learning means being able to understand, apply, synthesis, evaluate.. a whole range of skills rather than purely grasping facts. One very useful and interesting theory is Bloom’s taxanomy- knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. This allows learning to be carried out in a way that required higher order thinking and critical thinking. This incorporates six whole levels of questioning that allows for learning to a higher level. ICT can certainly also be involved and relate to Bloom’s taxanomy. A very good link that shows how this can be done is found over here: Educational Origami.

Interactive Whiteboards

I have always been interested in interactive whiteboards as I have personally never used one before for teaching. I think it would be a great experience and privilege to be able to use on in the future! I therefore decided to go onto the internet and have research a little bit on interactive whiteboards. As with everything, there are pros and cons. Some of the cons that I read about was the the software for the interactive board will not function well if it is not always updated thus leading to an increase in maintenance cost. This is something I never thought about as I always thought that an interactive whiteboard is a one off purchase! Here is a very interesting link on interactive whiteboards.


Free Education

I was browsing the internet and searching on the benefits of ICT in today’s world and came across a very interesting website. This website is called coursera and provides online courses for absolutely FREE. I think this is an amazing idea as it allows free education for all with minimal costs, only access to the internet and a computer is needed and one can take on as many courses as he or she likes. This definitely is a useful tool for those who love studying but may not have enough finances to do so. I would definitely love to attempt one of these courses some time in the future when time permits!

I Pads as fillers

Almost everyday during practical I notice many children arriving and playing with their parents I pads, phones etc and being entertained by it. While I am all up for ICT being used as a pedagogy tool, i am worried at the level of addiction these children have for their gadgets. Every time the parent tries to take it away, it would end up in a screaming argument, where the child starts throwing tantrums or sulks unhappily. I feel that this has to be managed as I read online here that some toddlers are becoming so addicted to Ipads that they actually need therapy!


Classroom Blog

A good idea came to me during practicum today on how I can actually start a classroom blog. Unfortunately this is not possible in my practicum due to the age group of the children. However, in future I would love to implement this. This would allow for involvement and students to feel a sense of belonging as they feel valued in a shared experience. This blog can provide a link between home and school as parents can also read the blog and see what is going on in the classroom.

I found a link that provides information on creating a blog page for a class here:

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is about both children and adults, knowing when to use technology and how to use technology responsibily and appropriately. For example, we need to be able to know how to protect our private information, respect ourselves and others online and stay safe and smart at all times. I was thinking about how to be a responsible digital citizenship and came across this article over here 9 Themes of Digital Citizenship, This provides a very insightful and clear explanation on the themes of digital citizenship, something that is very important in todays day and age.


Digital Video in the Classroom

I have been cracking my head on how to integrate ICT into the classroom and use it as a pedagogy tool. I decided I wanted to use the video camera. After searching online for some time, I found this article 10 Great Ways to Use Digital Video Cameras in the Classroom provides some alternative ideas about the use of Digital Video Cameras in student’s learning. These ideas are valuable because all of these are based on teachers’ own teaching and integrating experience, and all of these teaching ideas turned out very good outcome.

ICT is influencing the education system at all levels

I was discussing with my course mates about how technology has affected our pedagogy and the topic somehow went on to us discussing about distance learning. I then found out this website tthere is such a course for a prestigious school such as Harvard! Information can be found here atHarvard Extension School.From my understanding, Harvard University is one of the well-known higher education institution in worldwide, and this extension school is a cornerstone of the university in extending its rich academic resources to public and internationally. One of the most attractive page in this website name Harvard Open Courses: Open Learning Initiative. In this page, anyone of us can view the lecture of some of their noncredit course, and it is FREE!

Four Modules of Connect Ed Finished!

Wow, what a steep learning curve! I have finally finished the module and am so glad that I actually went through it. Here is my certificate. I have learnt how to be a good cybercitizen. One of the interesting thing that I have learnt is how to be cyber smart, how to be a responsible person on cyber space and how to protect myself. I would like to be able to teach all this information to my students especially things about cyber bullying to raise awareness.